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The Team Behind the Project:
Executive Directors (NEHIDTA & CDC Foundation):

Rob Lawlor & Anna Gasinski
Vintage Soul Productions:
Creator & Director, Sharece Sellem-Hannah
& Assistant Director, Jacque Simone Brown

Film Production Team, Film Haven:
David Trapasso & Andrew Breunig

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About the documentary
Silence on the Streets, How the Illicit Opioid and Fentanyl Crisis Impacts Inner Cities is a new documentary film, crafted by award-winning playwright and community advocate, Sharece Sellem-Hannah. It delves into the complex journey of addiction from the perspective of Connecticut inner-city Black, Latino/a/x, and Indigenous community members. Through personal narratives and expert insights from fields including addiction, trauma, psychology, prevention, and harm reduction, the documentary sheds light on the unique challenges faced by individuals from inner cities and their paths to recovery.

To learn more, please review this recent article about the film.




This film was created on behalf of the Connecticut Overdose Response Strategy (CT-ORS) Team with funding from the Office of National Drug Control Policy and support from the New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC Foundation, and Alliance for Prevention & Wellness, a program of BHcare.

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Breaking the silence across the nation. Silence on the Streets (SOS) documentary film is breaking the silence that comes with stigma, shame and the trauma that comes from the impact of substance use disorder (and specifically, the illicit opioid crisis). The following states have conducted special events including screenings. Check back for a community screening near you. 


Communities coming together to break the silence!

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Interested in booking a screening? Complete this brief inquiry form. Permission to use the film comes at no cost, we just need to ensure you have what you need.

SOS at the Garde marqee 4.13.24.jfif
SOS at the Garde 4.13.24 (1).jfif

The Behavorial Health Consortium of Delaware is hosting several screenings around Delaware in 2024. Unity Dinners sponsored by BHC and hosted by Black Faces Black Voices has been an incredible way for communities to come together to unpack the issues presented in the film as they relate to their own communities.

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