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Funanya's Flowers is a story about a young girl who has a special role in her magical village in the sky and it teaches about the power of forgiveness. Though, Funanya, is feisty and stubborn she has a special touch...she can make flowers grow overnight! This play tells the story of how Funanya got angry with her friend, Ekundayo, for being clumsy while dancing with her and her sisters and how her grudge stopped the rain from pouring on the village. We learn about how forgiving and forgetting can play a major part in the flow of energy in one’s own community. 7 Scenes 30 pages For grades 2 and up 20+ Characters for a large scale school production! Also performed as a fun classroom read! 


All Grown Up is a fast-paced, fun and short play about the young know-it-all, Miss Cindy. We follow her through her trials and tribulations of growing up too slow and suddenly becoming an adult too fast. Cindy always knows better and thinks other children are “too babyish.” She cannot wait to finally become a real grown up. One day, while sneaking to use her dad’s new time bending, magic SUPER X400 COMET PHONE, Cindy discovers that she can finally speed up time and try her luck as a grown up! In the play, we see Cindy become a teacher, an astronaut, a dancer, a lawyer, and a chef all while getting into all sorts of trouble with aliens, unruly children and flaming frying pans! Will Cindy learn that being an adult can be hard and being a kid has its own benefits? Let’s find out! 10 Scenes 42 Pages For grades 2 and up 30+ Characters for a large scale school production! Also performed as a fun classroom read! Great to read to Pre-K/1st grade! 

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Lazy Lester Leon Lester learns the values of hard work as he travels through a journey of musical history. In a dreamlike state, he encounters notable figures such as Diana Ross, Mozart, and Louis Armstrong who show him how staying focused and not giving into peer pressure will benefit his life. 

Some fun famous characters Included in this play:
Amadeus Mozart
Queen Marie Antoinette
Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5
Diana Ross & The Supremes
The Temptations
Josephine Baker
Billie Holiday
Ella Fitzgerald
& More!

7 Scenes
3 Songs
55 Pages
For grades 3 and up!
50+ Characters for a large scale school production! 
Also performed as a fun classroom read!


*Most Popular* 

Night at the Davis Library is a witty and comedic one act play suitable for a large elementary through high school aged cast. It tells the story of the mischievous, Janet, who gets locked in the library after school and finds herself in the Village of Books! We follow Janet and a dizzying mixture of our favorite fairy tale characters as they try to make sense of some odd (and naughty) things that have been happening lately. Will the Big Bad Wolf, Goldie Locks and Robin Hood get away with their crimes? Can Judge Aladdin figure out what to do? What will happen to Janet since she knows too much? What power is there in having read ALL the stories? Let us find out as we follow Alice and the Gingerbread Man down the rabbit hole!


Some of your favorite childhood characters play a role in this playbook!

Peter Pan


Big Bad Wolf

Robin Hood

Goldie Locks


Sleeping Beauty

Little Red Riding Hood

King Midas


Cat in the Hat

Cinderella Gingerbread Man & More! 8 Scenes 4 Dances 39 Pages For grades 3-12 30+ Characters for a large scale school production!

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