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"Silence on the Streets" Documentary

Rob Lawlor Jr., Drug Intelligence Officer, NEHIDTA:
Over the last year, Anna Gasinski and I (the CT-ORS Team) have been working with an incredible team, Sharece Sellem-Hannah A.A. B.S.David L. Trapasso Jr., Andrew Breunig, and Film Haven Productions on a documentary titled "Silence on the Streets." We are proud to announce the official trailer.

"Silence on the Streets" is a ground-breaking documentary that explores the journey of addiction through the perspective of inner-city minorities and Native Americans. Award-winning Playwright Sharece Sellem skillfully intertwines personal narratives with expert insights from the fields of addiction, trauma, psychology, prevention, and harm reduction alongside individuals with firsthand experiences, uncovering the many factors that contribute to the distinct life experiences of black, brown, Latin X, and Native Americans, profoundly shaping their struggles with addiction throughout their lifetimes and their road to recovery.

The documentary will be available in January of 2024. The documentary's intent is to invite community members to have meaningful conversations and to serve as a catalyst for change in how we perceive and address addiction within marginalized communities. If your school, organization, and/or community would like to host a screening along with a panel/community conversation about the key points addressed in the film, don't hesitate to get in touch with Robert Lawlor at or Anna Gasinski at

Past projects promoting awareness about the opioid crisis...

Substance use awareness event 4.15 and 4
Sharece M. Sellem

Founder of Vintage Soul Productions (VSP), Sharece M. Sellem is a playwright, director, performing artist and workshop facilitator.

SMSellem blkwht.jpg

Sharece M. Sellem named the 13th Annual Dr. Floyd Gaffney Playwriting Competition Celebrating the African American Experience University California, San Diego Winner


Daisies on Harlem's Doorstep

Hi! Thank you for visiting us.

We are excited to share our love of performing arts with you. The name, Vintage Soul, comes from the feeling that we have so much to learn from the past whether our personal and unique stories or those of old with gems to teach lessons and help us look into present. By visiting the past we learn about ourselves in many ways. By performing we celebrate life and all of it's beautiful and tragic memories.

We are a network of performing artists who love to share the gift of theater with our community.

Theater improves lives.

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"The staged reading of Daisies on Harlem's Doorstep seamlessly transports you into another era and the world comes alive instantaneously. The Harlem characters are unapologetically themselves while we watch Daisy herself blossom and begin to cement herself in who she is. The rhythm in their voices and the vibrancy of their stories are just plain delicious."
Cin Martinez,
Hartbeat Ensemble's WTF! (Women's Theater Festival) 2018 Producer & Participating Playwright
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