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Quick Quarantined Play Festival Guidelines:

How does this work?

Interested theatre folx follow the guidelines below and submit accordingly. If selected, this schedule is followed by all participants per round:

What makes this experience a fun and unique challenge is the collaboration with playwrights and actors. Monologues are NOT pre-written. They are written for the assigned actors. In this case, the actor is the muse :).


This is a voluntary, fun, collaborative exercise for actors and playwrights to create, network, and share. It is also run by a very small team of restless and committed theatre volunteers.


Things move really fast in each round, so if you are selected to participate, you will need to read the instructions very carefully!

Tuesdays: Festival rounds begin on a Tuesday. Participants selected for the festival will join us for a Zoom Meet & Greet @ 7pm.


Wednesdays - Fridays: Playwrights find out their assignments, actors receive their monologues, and actors turn in their recorded performance on Friday evening. 

Saturdays: Videos are released on Facebook for all to enjoy! The videos will be accessible via the website shortly after each round.

Important to Consider Before Applying: This festival was designed for dedicated, passionate, thrill seeking, experienced playwrights and actors who want to commit to the challenge of creating a raw and good performance quickly. We value the hard work and time all parties put in to this process. If you have a full schedule on Thursday (playwrights) and Friday (actors), we encourage you to wait to apply for when you are truly available. There are no second chances for dropped performances. 

Guidelines for Playwrights 


  • Email a 2 page writing sample from a previous work, resume and bio to

  • Write 3 (or less) monologues within 24 hours (on a date assigned if selected) *Monologues are NOT pre-written for the festival. They are created in the round with the actor as the muse.

  • All monologues typed in size 12 font, minimum 1 page/maximum 2pgs each.

  • No blood and gore, no puppets

  • Have a Facebook account to share and tag the actor's interpretation of your piece(s).

  • English language (for now)

  • From anywhere around the world

  • Family friendly language (ex. words: hell, damn...are ok)

  • VSP will have the right to share the work indefinitely

  • Over 18 yrs. old

  • Prior playwriting experience

Guidelines for Actors 


  • Email headshot, bio, and resume (we can't use a headshot included in a resume pdf, so please send the headshot separately to:  (Must send all 3 items to be considered)

  • Must be able to record via webcam, phone, or other device to upload to YouTube.

  • Must have a YouTube account to share and tag the video

  • Must be able to complete and upload the performance on a Friday.

  • Over 18 yrs. old

  • Prior acting experience

      See examples from Round 2 here:


(Actors) Do we have someone to check to make sure we going in the right direction with our performance?

Yes! We have a supporting director available on-call to help you.

(Playwrights) Can I just send monologues in advance?

No. This festival is a collaborative experience for playwrights and actors. The actor is the muse and both playwright and actor have their own 24 hours to create amazing work.

Can the playwrights and actors communicate with each other once they find out who has been assigned to who?

Yes! This is one of those rare and beautiful opportunities for the playwright and actor to discuss characters, etc...


Can I participate again?

Absolutely! If you've successfully completed a round and if we have slots left, you are more than welcome to hop on again.

Is it really possible to create a performance in only 24 hours?

Absolutely! "play in a day" festivals and programs are very common and they are a wonderful way for playwrights and actors to flex their muscles, especially during these crazy times.

Can I use my video for my reel?

Please do! as long as you give the playwright/actor/QQ Fest by VSP credit :)

Is there compensation for the participants?

This festival was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for restless theatre folx to keep flexing their muscles, so to speak. It is designed to be a creative, collaborative and fun exercise (it's kind of like going to the gym). While participants are not compensated monetarily, they create work, form relationships, and add their creations to their reels. All work is raw as opposed to perfect polished performance - though some participants have created beautifully polished work in short amount of time. (NOTE: There may be rounds where past participants are invited create work and will receive honorariums for special projects we receive specific sponsorship for i.e. Honoring Black Voices, Round 10).

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