During the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak,

VSP is producing a virtual experience for

restless theatre folx:

The Quick Quarantined Play Festival!


This festival provides a way for playwrights and actors to form relationships, sharpen skills and create raw work under pressure.


Read the recent article from the New Haven Arts Council about the festival here.

Currently casting for upcoming rounds.


Email a bio, resume and 2 page writing sample (script) to smsellem@vintagesoulproductions.com


Email a headshot, bio and resume to smsellem@vintagesoulproductions.com

Festival Team:

Artistic Director/Producer, Sharece M. Sellem

Supporting (on-call) Director, Rob Esposito






Playwrights and



Round 1 April 4, 2020

Round 2 Saturday, April 11, 2020

Round 3 Saturday, April 18, 2020 


Round 4 Saturday, May 2, 2020 

PERFORMANCES (Click each to watch)
1. Jess Rawls performing, "Connection" by Tom Horan
2. Tamika Pettway performing, "The Wrong Color Red" by Catherine Luciani
3.Hilory Wagner performing, "Supervisor" by Ife Michelle Gardin
4. Diana Lauren Jones performing, "How We Got to Here" by Tom Horan
5. Danielle White performing, "Summer Vacationing in 2020" by Catherine Luciani
6. Noah Golden performing, "It Isn't Over Until It's Over" by Tom Horan
7. Ria Alexander performing, "Feelin' Good" by Ife Michelle Gardin
8. Amanda Grillo performing, "Zinc" Part 1 (of 3 part story) by Rachael Carnes
9. Ashley Moore performing, "Kitchen Table" Part 2 (of 3 part story) by Rachael Carnes
10. Jacqueline Simone performing, "Wind" Part 3 (of 3 part story) by Rachael Carnes
11. Fior Rodriguez performing, "More Time Please" (of trilogy, Answered Prayers) by Gerald Williams
12. Timothy M. Gadomski performing, "Compromise" (of trilogy, Answered Prayers) by Gerald Williams
13. Lauren Linn performing, "Our First Joanie" (of trilogy, Answered Prayers) by Gerald Williams
14. Rachel Browne performing, "Extra Shifts I" (of trilogy, Extra Shifts) by AJ Lovelace
15. Dalimar Irizarry performing, Extra Shifts II" (of trilogy, Extra Shifts) by AJ Lovelace
16. Chris Regent performing, Extra Shifts III" (of trilogy, Extra Shifts) by AJ Lovelace
17. Michele Marie Clay performing, "I Wish it Was Fake News" by Valerie Brookshire

Round 5 Saturday, May 9, 2020 

PERFORMANCES (Click each to watch)
1. Betzabeth performing, "Coronarita" by Meghan Crosby
2. Skye Privat performing, "Best Friends" by Gerald Williams
3. Mia Ventura Lucas performing, "The Book" by Lori Sinclair Minor
4. Ryan Opton performing, "Its Over" by Gerald Williams
5. Laura Jeanne Portera performing, "The Giraffe in the Room" by Sharece M. Sellem
6. Matthew T. Kinney performing, "Life is Ruff" by Meghan Crosby
7. Fior Rodriguez performing, "Self Sufficent" by Amanda Thomas
8. Sage Gunning performing, "Sitting on a Fire Escape" by Janelle Lawrence
9. Terrance Riggins performing, "Playin it Safe" by Lori Sinclair Minor
10. Madeline Hynes performing, "Say Mess to the Dress" by Meghan Crosby
11. Michael Paul Gleason performing, "Heroic Proposal" by Amanda Thomas
12. Corinne Sutton-Smith performing, "Lemon Cookies to Lemonade" by Sharece M. Sellem
13. Chelsie Grant performing, "Looking Bright" by Amanda Thomas
14. Arrianna Daniels performing, "Trees" by Janelle Lawrence
15. Anastasia Argyrou performing, "TA DAZE" by Lori Sinclair Minor
16. Tony Solis performing, "Acting" by Janelle Lawrence
17. Divan Meyer performing, "Home is Where You Are" by Sharece M. Sellem
18. Christopher DeSantis performing, "Michael the Surfer" Part 1 of Surfing and the Luminous Body by Lyralen Keyes
19. Clare Solly performing, "Multitasking with Sarah 2020" Part 2 of Surfing and the Luminous Body by Lyralen Keyes
20. Riley Cohen performing, "Sammy and the Stars" Part 3 of Surfing and the Luminous Body by Lyralen Keyes

Round 6 Saturday, May 16, 2020 

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