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May 30, 2020 

(Click each to watch)
1. Tammy Jackson performing, "Material Girl" by Jenilee Houghton
2. Juan Ayala performing, "An Actor Prepares" by Shayne Kennedy
3. Callie J. Cox performing, "The Nice Girl & The Scrub" by Sharece M. Sellem
4. Noah Golden performing, "Activist Allies," by Ife Michelle Gardin
5. Betzabeth Castro performing, "With Friends Like That," by Bara Swain
6. Chris Regent performing, "Crazy for You," by Jenilee Houghton
7. Jackie Maruschak performing, "A Friend in Need" by Ife Michelle Gardin
8. Judy Lee performing, "Mo Chu," by Bara Swain
9. Michael Crate performing, "Like A Virgin" by Jenilee Houghton
10. Lyralen Keyes performing, "Margie's Announcement" by Shayne Kennedy
11. Hannah Yi performing, "The Empowerment Women's Writing Workshop by Ife Michelle Gardin
12. Ryan Opton performing, "Plain White Tees," by Bara Swain
13. Danielle Johnson performing, "Where You're Safe" by Shayne Kennedy
14. Clare Solly performing, "The Portuguese High Priestess," by Rafael Duarte Oliveira Venancio (CORONA TAROT I)
15. David Hannah performing, "The Basketball Hierophant," by Rafael Duarte Oliveira Venancio (CORONA TAROT II)
16. Tavi Carpenter performing, "The Damascus Temperance" by Rafael Duarte Oliveira Venancio (CORONA TAROT III)
17. Laila Hameen performing, "Snap" Pt. 1 by Scott Mullen
18. Tamara Therese performing, "Crackle" Pt 2 by Scott Mullen
19. Ben McCormack performing, "Pop" Pt 3 by Scott Mullen
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