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Sharece Sellem-Hannah B.S.

Meet Sharece Sellem-Hannah, a community advocate committed to raising awareness and promoting positive change within communities. Raised in Hartford and Wethersfield, Connecticut, Sharece intimately understands the challenges of growing up in poverty across diverse environments.

As a first-generation college graduate, Sharece is currently pursuing a master's degree in Community Health and Prevention Science (University of Cincinnati), holds a Bachelor of Science in American Studies (Charter Oak State College) and Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences (Gateway Community College). 

Sharece's path is characterized by her resilience in the midst of challenges. She uses her experiences as part of her contribution to advocacy and the arts. Growing up in a family contending with the diverse implications of poverty, Sharece's story emphasizes the transformative potential of intentional social programs and quality education. Furthermore, her experiences bring attention to the significance of education, entrepreneurship, and workforce development in disrupting the cycle of poverty.

An award-winning playwright, Sharece utilizes theatre to explore critical issues impacting inner-city families. Her notable work, Matthew Rising, revolves around a fictional New Haven inner-city family confronting the effects of the opioid crisis, inspiring a documentary project with NE-HIDTA, Silence on the Streets, covering themes like social determinants of health, the crack era, the science of fentanyl, harm reduction, and prevention efforts.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Sharece has held various professional roles, including drama instructor, direct support roles, case management, outreach, admissions counseling for Job Corps, and grant management. She also served as a Program Administrator for Clifford Beers, a revolutionary mental health organization, bringing a wealth of experience and insights into community well-being. In addition to managing the operations of the South Central Network of Care (seven collaboratives in the Southern region of Connecticut) she was the chair for the New Haven Collaborative and co-chair for the North Haven/Hamden Collaborative where she and collaborative members organized resource fairs, community dinners and facilitated public health/community focused meetings and trainings.

Sharece is passionate about leveraging personal experiences and professional expertise to inspire positive change, resilience, and collective well-being within communities. As a down-to-earth presenter and project manager, Sharece invites participants to join a journey of empowerment, education, and community building.

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Knowledge Areas & Discussion Offerings:


*Any presentation/workshop can be tailored to your organization's needs



Workshops and presentations:

  • The Implications of Poverty in Various Communities

  • Understanding the Cycle of Poverty

  • Working w/ Under-Resourced Populations: Understanding Why "The Horse Doesn't Drink"

  • Understanding Financial Abuse



Workshops and presentations:

  • Navigating Adversity: The Power of Personal Resilience

  • Education as a Catalyst for Change

  • The Art of Bouncing Back: Resilience in Creative Expression

  • Achieving Stability During and After Recovery


Workshops and presentations:

  • Transforming Organizations & Communities through the Arts

  • Effective Outreach Strategies for Community Programs & Services

  • Effective Outreach Strategies for Education & Workforce Programs

  • Building Bridges: Partnerships that Help & Heal

  • Understanding & Reaching Isolated Communities


Workshops and presentations:

  • Breaking Barriers: How to Best Support First Generation Students

  • Common Challenges of First Generation Students

  • Understanding the Educational Journey of the First Generation Student


*Any presentation/workshop can be tailored to your organization's needs


Workshops and presentations:

  • The Power of the Checklist: Getting Your Life in Order

  • Understanding Generational Poverty: Working Towards Breaking the Cycle

  • Grinding Side Hustles: How to Set Up Streams of Income


Workshops and presentations:

  • Going Back to School as an Adult: Creating an Education Roadmap That Works for You


Workshops and presentations:

  • Adulting 101: Basic Financial Literacy, Around the House, Out in the World

  • The Power of Focus: Super Charge Your Goals

  • Real Food: Understanding Basic Nutrition & Take Control of Your Health

  • Understanding Financial Abuse

  • Achieving Stability During and After Recovery


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